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Anni Z first opened its doors in the spring of ‘73, a partnership between a group of friends who shared a love for beautiful things. More than 45 years later, proprietor Anni Zein el Din is handing the reigns over to her granddaughter Kenzy, who now manages her collection of carefully curated pieces from all over the world. 

Antique maps - Lithographs - Rare Books
Furniture - Interior decor - 
Ceramics - Porcelain  Glassware - Contemporary art - Vintage posters - Rare silver  - Vintage jewelry and accessories - Lace, linen & embroidery - Vintage brass & copper
Odd collectibles & memorabilia


Cosmographia came to life because our thoughts and words could no longer live within the confines of social media posts; it was birthed out of a need to delve deeper and deeper into the untold stories that lie waiting in the shadows all around us.


The name, Latin for the study and mapping of the universe, is inspired by the many Cosmographia's that have been written, from Ptolemy's to Munster's, and dedicated to the many who have explored and charted our worlds.

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