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Signature Line: Japanese Machinery Meets American Retail

Montgomery Ward, or Wards as they're called today, is one of the oldest and largest retailers in the US. The company was founded in the late-1800s as a department store and retailer, pioneers of mail order sales and of retail as we know it; their early shopping catalogues were major steps on the path to modern e-commerce. In the 60's, Montgomery Ward commissioned Brother to create a 'Signature' line of machines, including typewriters and sewing machines, a line that would set them apart. The result was this stunning piece of manual machinery you see here. It's been 50 years and all it needed was a good cleaning, like so many things produced before we went digital.

A gorgeous blue Montgomery Ward Signature 511D, made in Nagoya, Japan in the 1970's by a company called Brother. It has a few superficial bumps and scratches but they don't take away from its appeal in any way and the machine works beautifully. Manual and portable, this baby comes with its original carrying case, although we must warn you, it's not light.

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